31 July 2013

Game Characters: By Suzanne Klare

Returning characters
Attention! Spoilers! Don't read if you don't want spoilers!
I've already talked two times about the upcoming AA game, and I thought, let's make it a third.
Today, I'm going to talk about the characters, who appeared in previous games, and made a comeback. Here's a list of them (random order):
Phoenix (DUH)
Edgeworth (YAY)

(Tell me in the comments if I missed someone)
I like that all these characters (who we know and love) are making a comeback. We get to see Pearl all grown up, a new version of Polly (Apollo), and Trucy comes back with her magic panties.

However, like I said, I follow court-records, and the spoiler forum (http://www.forums.court-records.net/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=27489) on it. Some people already played through the game (in Japanese), and gave their opinion. Sadly, most of the returning characters aren't handled well. We only see Trucy twice, and Pearls only helps explain about black psychelocks (don't ask, I don't know anything on that topic). And Klavier hasn't got a big part either. It's like they just wanted to put in some characters from previous games, to please the gamer, and then just let them appear once. I was kinda disappointed when I read that.

But, we just have to see for ourselves! Maybe it's not that bad after all, we'll just have to wait for the game and see.

Sill, I have a question about the returning characters. WHAT HAPPENED TO MAYA (and Gumshoe)?! Thanks guys:)


Makayla Leauge said...

Do you mean, that they didn't put Maya and gumshoe in the game? Aww, that makes me sad:(

Stargazer said...

I have no clue as to what happened to them. It makes me a little sad also!

Derek said...

I love Phoenix Wright!!!!! The games are the best. I own all of the games:) This is my kind of blogpost!!!!!

Cassandra. K said...

What is your fav game, Suzanne?

William D said...

Good grief am I excited about this coming game. From what I hear, though, as well, I am disappointed about what they did with the reacurring characters. As Makayla said No Maya?!?!?!?! No Gumshoe??!??!? WHHAAAAAAAT?!???!?!?!!? >:O

Suzanne Klare said...

To Cassandra. K:
All of them! I can't decide which one!
I love PW:AA because it's the first game, and we get to see a lot about the drama with Edgey and Nicky's past.
PW:JFA had the most interesting cases, in my opinion.
PW:T&T had a lot of courtroom drama, and I LOVE courtroom drama! I just can't decide!
But if I had to choose, I'd go for JFA ;)
And to Makayla and Willy (;D), I'm positive Gummy won't be in the game, but I don't exactly know what happened whith Maya. Maybe she's in the game, maybe she's mentioned, but it looks like that's not going to happen X'(

Suzanne Klare said...

Great news guys! I just read court-records.net, and it said PW:DD sale started last week, and in that week it was the best sold game in Japan! I'm so proud!

William D said...

BREANNA!!!! Under Michael's video of killing Ganondorf in the other videos, there is one done by JAKE125!!!!!! :O

Suzanne Klare said...

OMG I SAW IT!!! Should we ask if that's the same Jake

Suzanne Klare said...

I'll watch the vid and say what I think. I'll be right back

Suzanne Klare said...

The guy's German. The wlkthrough is in German, so I can't understand it.

Suzanne Klare said...

It could be, because maybe he speeks English. But then, not very good. He lacks proper grammar in most of his comments, so it is possible it is him.

Willy D said...

Hmm, maybe he's trying to trick us?

Suzanne Klare said...

We are all paranoid.
I have to go now. B-b-b-byeeeee!

William D said...

XD I know right? He was harassing the power of suspense. We knew there would be no one there but it still made us think, what if he is? XD

Willy D said...

GAH! Already?!?!?!?! DX

Willy D said...

The operation is complete!

William D said...

I think so too! Anyway. I asked mom if I could make a blog account. Well. Here is my typical mom for you
" No!"
"Mom I haven't even told you what it's for!"
"Good" *walks out of room*
Well there goes an account -.-

Willy D said...

XD Its painful XD

William D said...

XD Ugh I feel your pain... I want a WiiU and I'm willing to pay myself!
''Mom I've been thinking...''
''You know how the WiiU has a lot of cool games and stuff''
''Well, I've worked out a schedule so I wont play on it all day and I can buy it myself and I was hop-''
''But, Mom, I won't be on it all day, just maybe an hour or tw-''
''I said no! I don't want you to be on that thing all day!''
''But I just told you I... UGH DAAAAAAAAD!!!!''
''What?'' *I explain* ''What did mom say?''
''Ok then!''
''So can I get it?'' :O
''Your mom said no!''

Willy D said...

I mean, mom and dad are great , but sometimes.... x_x

Willy D said...

It most certainly gets ridiculously annoying!

Breanna(; said...

One day it will be like this! I will tell you by writing a long dramatic story:)

*I'm in the kitchen at night getting something to drink and I see something out of the corner of my eye go past the window. So I walk over to it and look outside and all of a sudden a man with a knife pops out of nowhere and is looking in at me. So, I run to my parents room and knock on the door and my mom says-*

Mom: What are you doing knocking on my door at three in the morning.

Me: Mom there is a man outside with a kni-

Mom: Breanna, this is not funny go to bed.

Me: Mom I am dead serious, you've got to-

Mom: Breanna, go to bed!

Me: saying to myself: Well, I'll just have to deal with this myself.

* I get my dads gun from the safe, go out the back door and look around. At first I don't see anyone. I take my cell phone out of my pocket and dial 911 and tell them what has occurred. After hanging up, the guy with the knife sees me and I see him! I point the gun right at him and say drop the knife and I won't shoot you. Instead of doing so, he throws the knife and it goes right past my head and lands on the ground. When he threw the knife I pulled the trigger. The bullet missed and hit a tree, ricocheted off of the tree and hit the kitchen window. As this was happening and I was freaking out. The man runs to his car, gets in and drives away. Along with all this, the police arrive and here I stand with a gun in my hand and a broken kitchen window and my parents both come out side*

Dad: What's going on here? Breanna, what are you doing with my gun.

Mom: We heard a gun shot and- What did you do to the window?!?!

Cop: Excuse me mam are you the one who called us?

Me: Uh, yes!

Cop: We'll where is this man?

Me: He just took off down the road about five minutes before you got here.

Cop: Hmm, how do I know that you're telling the truth.

Me: Huh, what do you mean?

Cop: I mean you could be one of the kids that's been prank calling us up at the station!

Me: What? No, I would never do that! I mean, do you seriously think that I would call you, stand out here at four in the morning holding a gun, waiting for you to get here, As a prank? That man almost took my head off! I'm not playing a prank.

Cop: Well, all I see here is a kid wanting attention so bad that she would sink to drastic measures to get it.

Me: What???

Cop: I'll go easy on you, I won't take you in for this. I'll just talk to your parents and we'll come up with a suitable punishment for you, because I know by the way you talk, that you are indeed the girl prank calling the station.

Me: Come on this is crazy!

Dad: Breanna, do you do not talk to an officer like that go to your room.

Mom: Yes, you are in big trouble young lady! For this and the window

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Me: If you would have just listened to me this-

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Me: ok fine, whatever!

Dad: for your disrespect you can't go anywhere for a month.

Me: But!

Dad: Don't make me add on to it! Now go!!!

Me: >:|

Willy D said...

No problem! Yup that basically spells out my life! I'll write out a story of my own!
One night I have to use the restroom, and I walk by dad's office. I look inside and to my surprise I see someone at the computer. I realize dad had forgotten to log off of his bank account. I run to my parent's bedroom, open the door, slip inside, and shake mom awake.
"There is someone in the office!"
"Very funny, now go to bed! .... It's..... 2:00 A.M? GO TO BED!!!"
"But mo- "
*flips over and goes back to sleep*
I go to my room and grab a baseball bat. I sneak over to the office, and the man sees me. He pulls out a gun and aims. I throw the bat in a desperate attempt. It hits his hand, and the gun falls to the ground. It shoots and hits my hand. The burglar pushes right past me and runs out the door. I hear his car shrieking down the road. My dad and mom run in, and see me with a bleeding hand, and dads bank account logged in on the computer.
Dad: "You hacked my computer!?! And you stole a gun and shot yourself?!? What the heck is wrong you?!?!?!?!?!?
Mom: "Ithought you knew better! Oh... I have a theif for a son :'( "
"But mom, dad, there was a man and a gun and you forgot to log off of your aco-"
"Now your trying to blame some man?! To your room now!"
"And please I wouldn't forget to log off of my bank account. That's ridiculous. You are grounded for a month.
"What about my hand?"
"Live with it. Maybe it'll teach you to play with guns!"
Me: -.-

Willy D said...

XD I showed mine to mom.... I wouldn't suggest it XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

Willy D said...

Me too :O my mom got upset : / XD
"But mom I was trying to have fun alri-"
TO YOOOOOOUUUUUURRRRRR ROOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM" (exaggeration obviously XD ) she actually said I was making her look bad, but she laughed at your story!

Willy D said...

I know right XD we both are XD

Willy D said...

Ok, I'm going to make my post!

William D said...


Willy D said...

Alrighty thanks! And don't forget to add color to the ones I asked ok? Please O_O (puppy dog eyes)

Willy D said...

Franziska Von Karma time!
Jake, you are a foolish fool who foolishly believes he can fool me me into foolishly taking to you, the foolish fool. If you foolishly thought fool me then you are the fooliest foolish fool in your foolish hometown. (I'm sure the people there are nicer than you are :) (also if you foolishly thought that you, a foolish fool, could fool breeze, you are over the edge of foolish fools and into the sea of foolishiss foolishness.

Willy D said...

Wow, that was fast, breeze!

Willy D said...

Franziska RULES (save edgey ;) sorry if I'm misspelling all this XD

Willy D said...


Jake said...

But I love you. your braking my heart. Why won't you marry me? You just don't know what it's like to be in love and be hurt the way your hurting me!

Jake said...

I am Never going to leave you alone. It is our destiny to be married and it will happen one way or the other!

Wily D said...

Sorry, I was busy. I'll talk to you tomorrow! Good luck sleeping with creepazoid around :)

Willy Zzzzzzz said...

Whoops meant willy* lol

Willy Zzzzzz said...

Night night! And yah Franzi rules!