26 November 2013

An Idea! By: Victoria

So, yesterday I came up with an idea I'd like to share with everyone.

I thought it would be interesting for myself and the three other people that run this blog as well, to pick a subject, and for each of us to write a post about it.

So that everyone can see the subject from four different points of view.

If you blog readers think that this is a good idea and you'd like to see this happen, tell us in the comments and you can also leave your subject ideas in the comments too and we'll decide in the next day or so which one we'll post about.

Thank you: Everyone!! :)

25 November 2013

Teacher's can be weird: By Suzanne Klare

I always watched Ned's Survival Guide when I was little. I liked the storyline a lot, and I thought it was pretty funny. I also thought that all of those teachers weren't as bad as they seemed. Buuuut then there is high school. I discovered there are actually teachers that are kind of... weird.

So, I'll tell you guys about some of them.

My Dutch teacher:

She is a horrible witch with the weirdest clothing I have ever seen. Seriously, when you didn't do your homework and you have a perfectly good reason, she still gives you detention. Also, when you tell her you didn't do your homework, she looks at you with this glare that could churn blood. Just so you guys know, I'm not exaggerating. And how she dresses! I'm not a fashion expert, but she once wore BANANA EARINGS to school. Also, a lot of pink. She reminds me of this woman right here:

My biology teacher:

This guy doesn't know how to be ashamed. Seriously, this happened a few months ago.

Teacher: Some women like men with chesthair, and some don't. I have chesthair, and my wife LOVES it.

Me: (no one needs to know)

Girl sitting next to me: (ABORT MISSION ABORT)

He also tells us about his own sexual expierences. I'm not gonna give an example of that.

My math teacher:

I really really really really really really hate this guy. Reasons:

-He's really mean. One time, I had an 8.8 out of 10 for math, and that's a really good grade. So I'm like: Yes, I've got an 8.8! Woohoo! You know what he says?

Well, don't be too pumped, because you still made some pretty stupid mistakes.

Oh, how much I hate him...

Reason 2:

He can't explain ANYTHING.

I went to him one time and asked if he could explain more and not just sit at his desk all the time and do nothing (not with those words), but nothing changed! He's still horrible at teaching.

My Ancient Lagnuages Teacher:

So, he's my favourite teacher out of everyone. He's good at explaining things, he's nice, and he tolerates a lot. He's just a bit... eccentric.

He looks like a Greek God: Not that he's handsome or anything, but he has a beard, he's tall, he's big, he has long, curling hair, and he says he's Zeus. Also he says that he has a Gorgon head in his bag so that, if someone doesn't obey the rules, he turns them into stone. He also tries to scare me all the time, but it never works :P

So these teachers are eccentric out here where I live! If you think this is pretty normal, then that's because I live in a boring country. Tell me about your worst teachers in the comments!

Also, sorry it took so long... those same teachers gave me too much homework to do :(