30 August 2013

The Red Herring Fallacy Logic: By william D

Today I'm talking about the fallacy of Avoiding the Question, or The Red Herring. 
(The following argument could apply to either boys or girls, but Im just doing it from the book. So
don't be offended)

Jenny: Girls are WAY smarter than boys. Bert: Oh yah. How do you know that? Jenny: Because they just are! Bert: But how do you know that? Jenny: Well there are lots of girls who are pretty smart, my neighbor Mrs. Jones is pretty smart. Joan of Arc saved the French from the English. And Marie Curie invented the light bulb! Bert: But how do you know they are smarter than boys!? Jenny: Because there are many girls who have high IQ's. That makes them smart! Bert: You still haven't answered my question! Why are girls smarter than boys? Jenny: Because I'm smart and your dumb. That proves it! Ok, guys, I see to flaws in her logic. Firstly Marie Curie did NOT invent the light bulb, Thomas Edison did. Also, she didn't answer his question, because she had no proof, she was trying to give answers that proved it, but she never talked about what men have done! Now this situation can be reversed. All she has proven is that some people are smarter than other people, Boys and Girls, Men and Women, there is no actual group that's smarter than the other! Many people never answer questions directly, and the other people in turn, don't think to ask about it, or realize that they hadn't had their question answered. Now for some of you wondering "What is a Red Herring?!" A Red Herring is something completely irrelevant to the subject at hand, such as the following argument: Jenny: Boys should always open the door for girls. Bert: Why should we? Jenny: Because it's helpful to us, and it's the gentlemanly thing to do. Bert: Why shouldn't girls open doors for boys, it would be as equally helpful. Jenny: Because it isn't right! When I came out of the store, I had to put ALL my bags down to open the door! You were to rude to come in and help me! Bert: But you said you didn't help and that you wouldn't get so many groceries! Jenny: Well you were inconsiderate to not have come in anyway. As you can see they are now completely and woefully off topic. Here is an example of something that ISN'T a Red Herring: Son: Father, what is the square root of 234.09667? Father: I don't know. Why don't you use a calculator? The Father here really doesn't know the answer. Ok guys, are you ready for you test? I hope so XD If it's a Red Herring, tell me in the comment section, I'm putting a twist on things, you need to tell me the answer, I'm not telling you anymore >:D Son: Why can't I see Day of the Spatulas with my friends? Dad: It's too scary, and you're too young to see such a scary movie! Son: Dad why can't I see Day of the Spatulas with my friends? Dad: Because January 1st is on a Wednesday. Son: Can I see Day of the Spatulas with my friends? Dad: I'm not sure, ask Mom! Son: Can I see Day of the Spatulas with my friends? Dad: No Son: Can I see Day of the Spatulas with my friends? Dad: Is it about Pancakes? Ok guys sorry about the enormousness of this post but what must be done, must be done! Until next time!

26 August 2013

Rhema Marvanne: By Victoria

Check out this girls voice, I found her on youtube and couldn't believe how beautiful her voice is it's unbelievable and I think that you should see what I mean, by watching this!

This christmas video is the first one that I seen of her and the next one is one of my favorite songs she sings! She is only seven years old and her voice is just remarkable, it's truly something you've got to hear and see to believe!!!

 I went and seen her live in concert and she has tons and tons of views on youtube, she's been on Disney channel and 20/20. She has about four cd's out and everyone I know just love's her (including me)!!! She is just a sweet, funny, cute, little girl with an outstanding voice and I want to tell everyone about her :) So that's why I'm sharing this with you.

What do you think, is she not amazing, or what???!!! Plz Comment :P

25 August 2013

School and Bullies: By Suzanne Klare

Tomorrow, school starts again here in Holland. There are several reasons why I like and dislike that, and here's a list of them:

Dislike Reasons:
-Mean/weird/annoying teachers
-Mean/weird/annoying classmates
-Boring classes
-Boring class projects
-Horribly organized/boring school trips

Like Reasons:
-Friends who you see every day
-Do homework with your friends
-Pranking your teachers (The ones who you like and who like you back)
-Having fun inbetween lessons
-Being extra happy when you don't have any homework because you finished it all
-Drawing in your diary when you're bored in class
-Cool class projects
-Fun class trips

The like list is a lot longer, but I'm still kind of bitter because of the dislike list. But I can handle those! In my own way. 
Because some of you guys maybe need some advice on some of the dislike-things list, I'm going to give you guys some tips, wether you like it or not >:D

There are 2 things people always say about this subject:
1. If you're being bullied, go to a teacher and tell them.
This doesn´t always work, because at some schools, the teachers and everyone are horrible and don't care at all or say that it´s your own fault.
2. You should just ignore bullies, then it´s no fun for them.
This doesn't always work either, because it can be incredibly hard or impossible to ignore them. And people who are being bullied know that very well.
I'm not saying these two solutions aren't good at all, I´m just saying that they don't work in every situation.
3. Stand up to them.
I agree mostly with this solution, standing up against bullies is one of the better ways to get rid of them. Most bullies are secretly big cowards, so when you show some back bone, they leave you alone. Altough, that's not always the solution either. Some bullies will just laugh at you and just continue

So here's my solution:
Bullies always have a reason why they start bullying. Here are some possible reasons:
-They want to feel better than everyone else.
-They were bullied before and want to prevent being bullied themselves
-They have problems at home like:
 1. A family member has a handicap (or the like)
 2. A sibling is bullying them and the younger one who bullies you thinks it's normal to do that.
 3. The parents hit them or never show love to their child.
 4. The child is spoiled very much because the parents don't have time for them.
 5. The parents (or one of them) are just big meanies (I don't know any other word for it without beginning to curse) 
-They have mental problems
Too many to name them all.

About the fact that they want to feel better about themselves, here's a good tip:
Don't ignore them! In fact, you should give a sassy response when they say something to you. Laugh at how stupid they can be, make fun of them, show them what it feels like. Don't treat bullies like you're their slave, treat them like your enemy. They won't feel the rush of being in charge over you any more, so naturely, they'll quit making fun of you. It works with all bullies I've seen, trust me.
Then, about the people who have problems or who were bullied in the past. If you get to know them, they might actually be nicer than you expected. They have just as little self confidence as you do, and maybe you have a lot in common. You never know.

So if you're being bullied by anyone, don't let them get you. You're strong, beautiful, fantastic and unique, no matter what they say about you.

I could go on about the other dislike-things, but the blog post already is incredibly long. If you need advice on anything else, no matter what, it can be absolutely everything, tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading!

23 August 2013

Stuffed Animals: By William D

Ok, guys, sorry it's been so darn long, but we've had a lot of stuff to do. Breanna was on a trip, I was taking care of my dad (XD) and Suzanne was busy as well. I hope you can forgive us! Anyways, stuffed animals have kept little children company for a long time. Some, maybe not, but most, yes XD. Well, I don't care if people say I'm to old for them, because I LOVE them so much. I still have a stuffed animal from when I was 2 XD It's a doggy! XD Anyways, stuffed animals have been there for children, during storms, nightmares, long trips, and sleepless nights. I name all my stuffed animals, except for the first one I got XD I still don't have a name for her. (At least I know it's a her XD )
Anyways, guys, I will go back to my logic posts next time! Also I was thinking of starting a crossover of Phoenix Wright and Percy Jackson. Tell me what you guys think :D until next time!!!!!

01 August 2013

Opposing Viewpoints: Written by William D

 Many people think that as soon as they are told something, they are correct! Now obviously that is a very foolish notion!
"Where there is no guidance people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is a victory." Proverbs 11:14

There are two benefits from looking at opposing viewpoints.
For one, but studying other viewpoints, we are better able to change ours if we're wrong! If we don't listen to other viewpoints, how are we to even begin to understand the subject? If we only listen to the things we agree to then we'll be shrouded in ignorance.
For another, by studying other viewpoints, we can help others understand us, and we can better defend our views!

No one can possibly listen to every single viewpoint, but it is best to try and broaden our horizons.
Ok, guys, I want you to try and think of two opposing view points for the following subjects ;)

1: Reasons for American Revolution.

2: Abortion (I do not want to start any religious or moral arguments. Ok?)

3: Homeschooling

4: Gun control

5: Creation of Life and the Universe

6: and finally Logic

 Thought about it? Alrighty!

1: The King of England's view and the Colonists view.

2: Pro-abortion and Anti-abortion.

3: homeschooling is bad for children. Homeschooling is good for children. ( :P )

4: Gun control advocates, and Second Amendment right advocates.

5: Creationists and Evolutionists.

6: Those who read The Fallacy Detective (and those who want to) and those who don't read The Fallacy Detective!

Alrighty guys! If you guys have any questions, leave them in the comments and don't forget to just chat:)

(Again, let's not start any arguments about moral stuff ok?)